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DELUXE SPRAY WAND Developed for carpet dyers. Gives years of trouble-free use. Removable head permits changing of spray tips. Greatly reduces dyeing time and production costs. Insulated handle.   $159.95
STAIR DYEING TOOL Control dye flow and extraction when dyeing stairs. Designed to contain over spray. Heat treated cast aluminum.   $105.00
50 FT SOLUTION HOSE Enables dyer to work from an outside location to prevent spills on carpet. disconnects when dye machine is not in use. Complete with fittings.   $100.00
PORTABLE  DYE MACHINE Time-saving and efficient. Dye carpets in all locations using the most modern technology. Twenty gallon holding tank with quick connect, dump valve, 2-100 PSI pumps., 1725 watt heater, casters and handle. One 25 ft. cord, 115 volts/UL approved. Options Available.   $1,695.00
COLOR/MATCH STEAM CLEANER This economical steam cleaner makes it affordable to enter the carpet color services product area. Ten gallon solution and recovery tank. Two vacuums and one100 PSI Pump, 20 ft vac/solution hose and 10 ft extraction wand, one 25 ft cord-115 volts. UL approved.   $1,495.00
TURBO STEAM CLEANER Designed for high performance. Has one 100 PSI pump, 12 gallon solution & 10 gallon recovery tank, three 2-stage vacs, 25 ft vac/solution hose, two cords and 12-inch extraction wand. Options available.   $1,895.00
DUAL CLEAN & DYE MACHINE Perfect for one man operation. Twelve gallon solution, 10 gallon recovery tank, two-100 PSI pumps, two 2-stage vacs, 25 ft vac/solution hose, two cords and 10-inch extraction wand.   $1,795.00
ELECTRIC SPRAYER This versatile sprayer makes work quicker and easier. Siphons from a gallon container. Comes with 3 ft hose, small spray wand and 25 foot electric cord. Built-in handle for convenience. Great for applying Color Plus, Carpet Protector, TLC and others. 50 PSI $215.00
100 PSI $225.00
BUCKET HEATER Keep your dye hot for best results. Immersion style designed for safety to virtually eliminate any fire danger in the event water boils dry. Rated at 1000 watts, 120 volts, with built-in thermostat.   $60.00
GRANDI GROOM CARPET RAKE Use this professional tool for raking carpet and dispersing dye after spraying. Provides best operational results by pre-operational treatment and finish grooming.   $30.00

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