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At The Dyers Guild & Color/Match Dyes we believe in educationally focused, hands on classes that give real world knowledge to its students. Our classes will teach the beginner or professional how to successfully preform color repair in the home or business.  A practical alternative to the IICRC Color Repair course, our non-certified classes will educate you on how to begin color repair work immediately.

Classes offered throughout the west coast from San Diego to Seattle! 

Private classes always available at our home base near Portland, Oregon. 

Check class schedule here : 


Private Classes:

Can’t wait for a class? Learn how to spot dye today! 

We offer private classes at our location just outside Portland, Oregon and will cater the course to your dye interests and needs. Educating with a straightforward,  hands on approach; you will learn everything you need to know about spot dyeing, full room dyeing and side match!  Please call us today for a quote and to check availability. 

For all classes please contact Melody David for more information. 



COLOR/MATCH VIDEO This is an introduction to the four-part color services. A 45-minute course demonstrates on-location color cleaning, restoration, conversions, spot dyeing and helpful sales hints. (Available in VHS or DVD.) $29.95
COLOR/MATCH MANUAL Learn carpet dying from this very comprehensive text. Covers dye blending, restoration, conversions, and spot dyeing with formulas. $39.95
CARPET DYEING MANUAL WITH DVD The industry's most comprehensive manual on this subject. Instructions on every phase of carpet dyeing. Twenty minute video shows step-by-step procedures for doing a dye job. Published by the Dyer's Guild of America. (Available in VHS or DVD.) $39.95
SPOT DYEING MANUAL WITH DVD Detailed 80-page manual for treating and spot dyeing damaged areas of color. Same information as used in IICRC approved seminars on color repair. Fifty minute video shows step-by-step procedures for spot dyeing and Kool-Aid removal. Published by the Dyer's Guild of America. (Available in VHS or DVD.) $39.00
DYE MASTERS COLOR GUIDE W/GRAY SCALE & VIDEO Gives you the ability to mix, match and create over 1 million different shades of color by overlaying color slides in 21 levels of intensity. Takes the guess work our of spot dyeing and color formulas. Manual, color guide and video included. Published by the Dyer's Guild of America. $125.00
40-LEVEL GRAY SCALE The industry's first 40-level Gray Scale. Gives you the ability to measure the amount of color gain or loss between two colors, determine the strength of your dye bath, and measure the effectiveness of cleaning and spot removal. Printed on white vinyl for durability. $5.00

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